Point Of Sale

Our POS system offers a number of features including Sales, Purchase, Receiving, Transfer, Data Polling, Store Human Resource, Employee In & Out and Schedule by a fixed amount or a percentage. We also provides you with complete overview of any Returns or Void that your customers may require. Also you have 3 ways of selling :Bar code Scanning, by Keyboard or the Touch-Screen Keyboard. On top of that we have made sure that the Point of Sale screen is user friendly and easy to navigate.

Inventory Management

Our POS system provides you with complete overview on your Inventory. Also you can easily track or transfer your goods in multiple warehouses/locations. Also you can easily import your inventory from different programs you may have had previously, such as by using Excel tables. You can also easily export inventory into Excel.

Employee Management

Each employee will have their own user ID & password to log in to the system. This allows you to successfully manage and track your employees, as well as track your employees’ sales. Also each employee need to do self-check in & out, so you can efficiently manage Employee schedule. Having a complete overview on your employees, makes it easier to manage them properly.

Purchase, Receiving & Distribution

We offer easy management of Purchase order & Receiving record details and also you can efficiently manages the vendors.


Complete control of the information is key for every manager. Our POS system has many options that provide you with reports based on your business. Cash drawer reconciliation, balancing, plus every type of sales reports, for any date span. You can easily set up your reports by product/service, customer, class/department or by employee. This gives you complete overview of your business, which is something that your manager will surely appreciate.

Physical Inventory

Data gathering by manual or barcode reader.